Clickbait Blog Post

The Author of this article discussed the increasingly problematic clickbait and ad issue on the internet. He gives this subject credibility by talking about specific issues that everyone experiences and can relate to. For example, he talks about how companies such as Facebook and Google know your personal interests and use it to manipulate you and do things you normally wouldn’t. The author takes an interesting stance on this issue by stressing that if we of today want chance on the internet, we should welcome paying for content with open arms. The idea of “free content” isn’t so free as Tim Wu says, because we pay for it by watching their ads and its so common that we just accept and tolerate it. What was most interesting in my opinion, was the idea of paying for content if we want to create a better environment on the internet. In response to this article, I think that when reading articles or exploring Facebook or Google I become easily distracted by ads and sponsored content that I end up not reading what I initially wanted to read in the first place.



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