Advertising: Tim Wu

1. How does the author give credibility to the article’s subject?

He gives credibility to himself which gives credibility to the article’s subject. He is a professor, he’s known as an open internet advocate, he wrote a book on advertisements, and is credited with the term net neutrality. He also gives many different examples of how advertising has gotten worse and how it changes with each person on a personal level.

2. What about the medium of this article challenges its message? How?

The medium is used through the internet, so laptops. He is talking about how advertisements have taken over our time and focus on the internet. While reading this article I was actually distracted my advertisements multiple times. This makes me question how the author of the article actually views advertisements on the internet and if they agree.

3. Which section of this article interested you the most? Why?

The section “On how Facebook “likes” help advertisers” interested me the most because this has always been my main thought/feelings about ads. It’s not only with Facebook but with many other sites as well. The internet tracks what you look at and the next thing you know you open a new tab to look up something else and see an ad for what you were just looking at. It is not the safest feeling. Almost as if they are invading my privacy.




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