ILA 10


The two graphics are similar in many ways. I decided to keep the color scheme the same because I think it draws to the fact that eating disorders are deadly and not a bright topic. In the first graphic, I had more information on women with eating disorders. In the second graphic, I made the information more widespread. It covered statistics about men also, as well as women. I think I could have chose a better color than black, i think it doesn’t pop as much as I would like it to. I liked that the bar graph was able to show the difference between the lifetime prevalence of the different eating disorders between the men and women. I think that statistic is helpful in showing that men do suffer from eating disorders too. But it is also helpful in showing that women do have it worse at most counts, which may lead to other factors such as societal pressure and body image. I added in the statistic about how eating disorders are the most fatal mental illness in the second graphic. I felt as if that was a very important and alarming statistic that should not just be stated once. It was important to make sure that was shown, to prove the severity of eating disorders. Lastly, I added the fact about how 20% of people with eating disorders die. I think this is an important statistic and could be prevented with implementing programs to prevent and intervene onset of eating disorders.



Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 12.08.50 AM.png

For this graphic, I decided to add mostly random important facts I found on eating disorders for all age ranges. I think it is important to show that eating disorders can start at a young age and last past college aged. I chose a bright color scheme to contrast my other graphic, and I chose the bright color scheme to complement the statistics on children I added in this. My favorite graphic is the one of the two girls side by side. One is showing the average height and weight of a normal female,  and the other is showing the average height and weight of a super model. These statistics are concerning and drastically different. It is a good intro into the start of eating disorders in young girls. Also, another one of my favorite statistics is the one showing that 80% of ten year olds are afraid of getting fat. This is what society is engraining into their brains, and this goes hand in hand with our pop culture. We need to change the status quo of what is expected of young girls and their body image.


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