Ø  introduce argument that the decline in smoking can be most contributed to anti-smoking campaigns.

First paragraph:

Ø  findings about the e cigs and how there is no correlation between smoking cessation and the use of e cigs by smokers to support that e cigs aren’t most responsible for smoking decline.

Ø  (graph) and The research report from The Society for the Study of Addiction

Second paragraph:

Ø  findings on the rate of cigarette sales and consumption after the introduction of cigarette taxes to show that the taxes had little to no effect on cigarette consumption in the us

Third paragraph:

Ø  Introduce the findings on the results of smoking campaigns lie “tips” and “the truth” campaigns to show that they had a big effect on audiences and were very effective in getting people to think about quitting

Ø  argue that this proves that the recent declines in smoking can be most attributed to anti-smoking campaigns

Ø  (tips calling campaign graph) and TIPS campaign video



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