Introductory Paragraph Response

In reading the introductory paragraph regarding distracted driving, it is plain to see that distracted driving is a severe issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The paragraph suggests that distracted driving is more of a problem among teens due to their inexperience with operating motor vehicles. If I were to create an outline detailing this argument, I would definitely refer to the data to show how much of a problem this issue is among teenagers. Many teens text and drive so I would definitely utilize some data that speaks to that aspect of distracted driving. I would also bring in information regarding other forms of distraction such as music. In furthering this argument, I believe that referencing the data is key, because so many Americans are aware of this problem but do not understand how severe it truly is.


One response to “Introductory Paragraph Response

  1. Outline
    -Introduction ( Strong first and last sentence with CLEAR argument and topic)
    -First Paragraph (Talk about which studies supported your stance that GM food has caused the increase in cancer, atleast partially)
    -Next Paragraph (Give a counter-argument and use it to strengthen your argument by tearing it to shreds)
    – Conclusion (Conclude by leaving reader with firm understanding of what you believe)


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