Over the past 50 years, smoking rates in the united states have declined substantially. The reason for this however is up for debate. There is a myriad of possible causes for this decline – the steady increase of taxes placed on cigarettes, the introduction of electronic cigarette, the laws passed limiting the reach of cigarette advertisements and the hard hitting anti-smoking campaigns that have been established across the country. When taking a close look at the evidence, I believe that what is most responsible for the decline in smoking in the united states is the anti-smoking campaigns such as “Tips from Former Smokers” by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Truth campaign.


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  1. The paper is about the decline of smoking in the United States and why this decline has happened. To prove the argument that smoking has decreased, I would have statistics from years of research showing the decline. Also if you are arguing why it is declining, information of what has influenced people to stop smoking. I would start the first half of the paper off by arguing in general that smoking has declined. Then in the second half of the argument I would argue why it is declining, the anti-smoking campaigns.


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