ILA 10


Of the two graphs, it is unclear which one would have a better impact in my essay and on my website. The line graph is more appropriate to show change over time. It also visibly shows that there are no studies proving that GMOs are harmful with the red line. The bar graph is visually more interesting, having less white space and being more colorful.  Both show the increase of GM crops over time very well.

However, the line graph is very plain and boring looking. The bar graph does not have a visible indication that the number of studies showing GMOs are harmful is at zero in the graph. The bar graph also makes it a bit difficult to differentiate the data for each year. This means I would have to trust the reader to carefully read all of the key on the graph in order to make my point known. I will use the line graph in my essay for that reason.


This new graphic shows the difference between the public’s opinion of GMO safety versus the scientific community’s opinion on it. I chose orange and blue because they are complimentary colors, which is aesthetically pleasing to the reader. Additionally, the contrast makes the difference clearly visible, even out of the corner of your eye. I believe the side by side comparison and the simplicity of the graphs will make the reader quickly understand the message I am trying to convey. It is also very different from the line graph that I am also going to use, so it provides a break from the monotony and makes everything more interesting. The fact that those who know most about genetic modification are much more likely to believe GMOs are safe is what the reader will take away from this. Paired with the other graph’s information, it also shows that a lot of the public has no basis for their uncertainty other than the common hype they have heard. The academic source will also add to my credibility. I think this graph could be very helpful in convincing the audience of my stance.


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