Introduction Paragraph

As African Americans make strides further away from the idea of slavery, stereotypes displayed in the media continue to set them back. A stereotype is “to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same (Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary).” The ideas that were ingrained in the mindset of Americans for so long have given way to a less conscious variant of segregation. African American portrayal in the media has caused a number of effects on the community. These factors  include education, self esteem, and portrayal on television programs.  

NOTE: Introduction is not finished.


One response to “Introduction Paragraph

  1. The introduction is not finished, but I can gather from the first sentence that her paper is about how the media portrays stereotypes of African Americans that is having a negative effect on their efforts to suppress the oppressive ideas that have been around since the age of slavery. I think that in the paper I would explain examples of this happening in the media and what area of social advancement it hinders. It seems in her introduction that she intends to do this, by listing the factors the media effects. I would use examples, as well as statistics showing the mindset of America concerning this prevalent issue. I would maybe structure the paper based on a select few media outlets, such as the news, television shows, etc and then show how each is hindering advancement. I would express the problems that African Americans are encountering because of the negative stereotypes in the media. I would then maybe try to find statistics detailing portrayal of African Americans in different news platforms or different television producers to maybe see who is causing the problems. I think with a number of examples from the media and some scholarly papers that evaluate this problem in the media, I think the argument would be easy to prove.


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