Introduction paragraph

Taking one’s own life is a troubling and sad act for the victim their loved ones. It is even more disheartening if that person sacrificed themselves for this country. Suicide among veterans has been an issue for years, but little is being done to raise awareness and help prevent it. Studies in recent years show that veterans who are involved in the Veteran Health Administration have high rates of risk of suicide year after year. Having been the son of a veteran who has committed suicide, it is critical that suicide among vets and people currently in the military be of more importance and well known among people.


2 responses to “Introduction paragraph

  1. For my paper, I am planning on providing various studies in each paragraph on rates of suicide among veterans, sexes, ages, races, and mental disabilities. Each paragraph is a different category and eventually will talk about what the VHA is doing to help veterans and civilians, and what needs to be done in addition to that.


  2. 1.) This paper seems to be about the tragedy of losing someone to suicide and how it can affect their loved ones and people around them negatively. People need to be more aware of people in the military or ex military and how their experiences take a toll on their mental state of being.

    2.) In order to prove this argument I think you would start with the sacrifice that these men and women take in the first place to protect their country, then move on to talk about how when they were doing so it took a negative affect on their mental capacity and ends up affecting more that themselves when it causes them to commit suicide. The argument I’m guessing that you’re getting at is that more people need to become aware of this tragedy so that we can try and do something about it.


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