Even though every athlete knows the risk of obtaining a head injury when they play sports, precautions should still be taken to reduce the chance of them ever happening. Head injuries are a very dangerous side effect to all sports no matter the level of contact. They don’t necessarily have to be a concussion in order to be taken seriously either; several blows to the head overtime will increase the total brain trauma of a player. Brain trauma is what is taken into account when testing if an ex-athlete has chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease the degenerates the brain, not the total amount of concussions sustained over a career.


One response to “Introduction

  1. This paper is about how precautions need to be taken when playing sports to prevent any brain damage from occurring. It also talks about how they go about treatment when an athlete has sustained a head injury.
    -Make sure to state your argument or side clearly.
    Paragraph 1
    -Give some background on the topic. Maybe severe injuries in the past.
    -Mention all of the causes all sports can have when experiencing these injuries.
    Paragraph 2
    -Talk about the chronic traumatic encephalopathy and how trainers/doctors go about treating it and how severe this can be on the athlete’s brain and functioning.
    Paragraph 3
    -Mention the precautions that are already taken in sports. To what extent the coaches/trainers go to.
    -What rules are given by the head of their league (NCAA, NJCAA, etc.)
    Paragraph 4
    -Use the above information to support what other precautions should be taken.
    -Mention how schools/leagues have broken these rules and what actions were taken.
    -Restate your stance on the argument and why it is important.
    Your argument seems to be what precautions need to be taken, if I am wrong, maybe revise your introduction paragraph.


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