Intro paragraph

I chose to write my paper on how younger generations needs to take more precaution when playing football and how it can lead to life threatening diseases like CTE. Football is responsible for hundreds of retired players suffering from numerous diseases and don’t know who should be held accountable. Studies have shown that CTE is directly related to the football. Players are only getting bigger and faster, therefore hits are becoming bigger and harder. With that being said, demands for constant upgrades to equipment and safety regulations are becoming a top priority. Before CTE was recognized as a regular disease diagnosed in football players there were minor precautions on and off the field. Once Dr. Bennet Omalu officially diagnosed the disease in a deceased football player in 2002 the programs like the NFL have been backed into a corner. 96% of all former NFL players who are in demand of some sort of help.


One response to “Intro paragraph

  1. 1) Your paper is about CTE and the correlation related to playing football and the disease. Furthermore you are trying to argue that football organizations need to update the equipment and precautions necessary for the sport in order to thoroughly protect the players.
    2) In order to prove your argument I would start by outlining the issue and proving the existence and the impact of the disease as well as the correlation with football and why it is an issue. I would then outline why it is important to address this issue and the possible effects it could have on someones life. Lastly I would cover how the trend can change and what methods need to be implemented in order to see a change.


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