Initial Links

  1. McVeigh, Karen. “Vegetarians Less Likely to Develop Cancer than Meat Eaters, Says Study.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 30 June 2009,


    “Vegetarians Less Likely to Develop Cancer than Meat Eaters, Says Study” discusses the evidence found in a study that indicates that vegetarians are at lower risk of developing certain cancers than non-vegetarians.  The website points out that a meat free diet has a bigger impact on developing some specific cancers, such as cancer of the blood, compared to other types of the disease.  This source was published in 2009, so it is still pretty recent and presents information that is still valuable.  It also comes from a popular and respectable British online newspaper.  The author does a good job of remaining unbiased on the subject and does not push any opinions on readers.  This will work well for my argument on how vegetarianism improves life, because when people hear that something reduced the chance of getting cancer, they pay attention.  Almost everybody has been affected in one way or another by the vicious disease, so they all care about the subject.

  2. “Vegetarianism and the Environment.” PETA,

This page on the PETA website takes a look at how producing meat affects the environment around us.  It relays facts about how much land is destroyed to raise livestock and how much pollution factory farms creates.  It claims that this contributes to global warming as well.  PETA is a famous organization that aims to protect animals, and since it is so well known and respected, it is safe to assume that the information presented on their website is true.  One problem that this source has, is how biased it is.  The whole point of the PETA organization is to save animals from abusive places such as factory farms, so of course they only present one side of the argument, because they so badly want to convince readers to side with their viewpoint.  I am using this as a source, because it does come from a very well-known organization, and because I trust that the information about how bad factory farming is for the ecosystem, will help make my research paper more convincing.

3. Prevent Animal Cruelty With Vegetarian Meals. Mercy for Animals, n.d. Web.

“Prevent Animal Cruelty With Vegetarian Meals” is a website that informs viewers of many benefits eliminating meat from the diet has for the sake of preventing more animals of being abused on farms.  It presents some of the major health benefits of vegetarianism as well as stories of individual animals that have been rescued from factory farms.  The website is ran by the charity Mercy for Animals making it a fairly credible source, because viewers know that their intentions of saving the animals are real, and they are most likely presenting valid information to convince people to switch to being a vegetarian.  Although this source may be presenting credible information, it is also extremely bias.  The whole goal of the website is to convince people that not eating meat is a good thing, so it completely eliminates any cons to the subject. Even though the source may not give both sides of the argument, it is still valid for my research paper, because it gives facts that support my claim.  It also looks at different ways that vegetarianism helps health and the environment and does not only focus on the animals they are trying to save.



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