ILA 10

Original Data Visualization:


Revised Graph:



Although these graphs represent the same information, they look very different.  My original image has icons of a person, which makes it very clear to viewers that the statistic is about people right off the bat.  The other graph, however, does not give viewers any hints as to what it represents.  I prefer the first graph in this aspect.  The original is also more unique.  Pie charts can be very useful, but they can also be overused.  It is also much harder to personalize a pie chart.

At first glance, I would think that the pie char represents a larger part of the whole than the icon chart.  This may be because of the colors I have chosen, which are more vibrant than the ones in the original graphic.  I can always play around with the colors on either graph before I finalize my paper.  The pie chart is also probably a little bit more accurate, because it can have an exact percent, and the icons are just colored by each individual person, rather than including that extra .2%  Either way, I believe that both graphs are a good representation of what I discuss in my paper, and would work out well for my argument.

New Graphic With Different Data Set:


The graphic that I created with the new data came from information on the effects that factory farming has on the greenhouse gas emissions from the “Vegetarian and the Environment” page by PETA.  I actually really like this infographic, because it is very unique and fits well with tone of the themes of my paper, which is to help out the environment with vegetarianism.  The plant shape gives the information a friendly feel to an intense topic.  The image may seem like just a cute image of a plant, but once you read the information that it represents, you get a whole new feel for the graph.  Global warming is a serious issue and I like coming at it from this angle.  I chose the colors, because the green color at the bottom turns brown at the top, representing the plague that global warming brings.  I think I will use this image in my final paper.  I hope that it will catch the reader’s attention and get them thinking about the serious damage that factory farming livestock brings to our ecosystem.



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