ILA 10

Sarah Harkness

ILA 10


Both of these charts reflect the same data, however, they are depicted in completely different ways. The top image, the pie chart, is the original, while the icon matrix is the revised edition. The pie chart emphasizes each different section, while the icon matrix simply highlights the difference between two major categories of people: those who do not believe labels in any capacity, and those who do believe. In the final edition of this data visualization, I plan to keep the icon matrix, but change the color scheme to reflect a larger difference between each color. The title in both graphics is subpar. The pie chart is too long and hard to read, while the title for the icon matrix is faded gray, making it harder to notice when placed into a large body of text (my essay). The shopping carts in the icon matrix help to relate my topic with the data, whereas the pie chart is very vague and the reader may wonder the prevalence of the data in my essay. tv-expen

This data depicts the money being put into televised advertisements for children ages 2-11. While the money spent for carbonated beverage advertising is relatively low, so is fruit and vegetable content. Readers will hopefully see the amount of money being invested into getting children interested in a product, and the lack of advertising for health foods is prominent. Hopefully, this will help convey how large of a market children’s dietary habits create and the amount of advertising children have to see for restaurants, etc.


One response to “ILA 10

  1. I Love the layout and the colors of the first graph, but the colors on the second graph are a bit hard to differentiate. The content and information is very accurate. I agree that the light grey writing is hard to read. I agree that the shopping carts relate to your topic more than the pie chart does, and once you change the colors of the shopping cart one and make it bolder, it will be absolutely perfect to use in your research essay! Well done !


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