Essay Introduction

As an application developer you have several important decisions to make when choosing your development platform of choice. What is the best platform for you? There are a plethora of variables that need to be considered, such as whether or not the availability and ease of implementation of monetization is important to you. Are you wanting to develop natively – this is when you are developing on a single platform, such as Android or iOS – or are you wanting to develop cross-platform? How much is it going to cost you or your company to develop on your selected platform(s)? Another thing to consider is how experienced are you with application development? This could influence your choice due to the fact that some platforms may have a steeper learning curve than the rest. Is the community surrounding a platform important to you, do you like to go it alone or would you prefer to collaborate more?

//Note: not finished


3 responses to “Essay Introduction

  1. Outline
    • Introduction
    o Include stance on subject
    • What do dev’s look for when choosing a platform typically
    o Cost to use
    o Monetization
    o Tools available
    • Different choice for platform
    o Android
    o iOS
    o Where each can be published
    • Native or cross-platform
    o Pros of both
    o Cons of both
    • What type of applications are you wanting to develop
    o Games are the most popular
    • What devices do you want to program on?
    o Phone
    o Tablet
    o Computer
    o Other
    • Conclusion
    o Restate the thesis


  2. Using reliable sources from people that specialize in that field, and their own professional opinions and research on the different forms of platform developement would greatly improve the credibility of your essay.


  3. 1) There are many different forms of platform development that an application developer can use. The argument is the difference between developing alone or collaborating with others. Argument is a little weak, I’m not too sure what your argument is actually about.
    2) a) Talk what forms of development there are
    b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each
    c) Argue which form’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages more than the others.


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