Jane Welsh Carlyle’s Social Network and the Lexical Construction of “Home”

  1. What is the argument? What is the Thesis?

The argument of this essay is  Jane Welsh Carlyle’s perception of home and how it various in different pieces of her writing. I think it also has to do with her writing in general, as well her association of home with negativity. The thesis is “Welsh Carlyle complicates notions of privacy, womanhood, and, especially, home. She associates writing, leaving and sending letters with home, thereby displacing conventional notions of “home” as a physical place.”

2.  How do the authors us and incorporate graphs?

These graphs are very complex representations of what JWC writes as where it goes and how it is interpreted in these various locations.

3. What are some quotes the authors use to refer to graphs?

for graph 1: “As the figure reveals, in her dense network, most recipients share multiple subjects or, at the least, share the same subject with many other recipients.” the author’s use “as the figure reveals” and other similar openers for sentences that foreshadow the reference of  a graph coming up.

4. What do these statements have in common?

All of these statements are similar. they all let the reader know that there is going to be a graph within the next few sentences backing up what the author is talking about.

5. What other kinds of evidence do they use?

The author uses graphs as evidence as well as specific quotes from JWC and quotes from people who know her.

6. How does the evidence relate to the graphs?

All the charts represent JWC’s different pieces of work and how how the word “home” differed in different letters. It also pertains to the different people she wrote to and why.

7. How do they incorporate other sources?

The footnotes incorporate specific examples from JWC’s letters as well as other authors works on reviewing her work.

8. What are some of the problems with this article?

Personally, i was very thrown off by the charts, but that may be because i have never seen anything like them. Im sure if i were to get a brief explanation i would understand them better and get an even better understanding of what the author is trying to tell the reader.

9. What can the authors explain better?

One thing that would help me understand this piece better is understanding what the charts represented. they were incorporated, but maybe a brief explanation on how to read the chart would help greatly.

10. What can the authors do to make their case stronger?

The case is very strong, explanation on how to depict the graphs would make it even stronger.


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