Article with Graphs

  1. What is the argument? The argument in this essay is that Jane Welsh Carlyle work reflects on what the role of women at home is and how she is didnt follow the societal norms of women at home. What’s the thesis? “Welsh Carlyle embraced an identity that was fluid, fragmented and in opposition to the masculine, autobiographical posturing embraced by her husband (11). It is also true that in the very act of sending letters, Welsh Carlyle transcended the bounds of hearth and home. Through the post, Jane Welsh Carlyle sent disembodied versions of herself.”
  2. How do the authors use and incorporate graphs?
    1. They use graphs to show how the letters sent by Carlyle shared a similar subject
  3. What are some quotes that they use to refer to graphs?
    1. “As the Figure reveals” Figure ____ uses” “Figure___ shows”
  4. What do these statements have in common?
    1. They all introduce which figure is being used and how it relates to the topic being talked about
  5. What other kinds of evidence do they use?
    1. Quotes from Carlyle’s own stories, from other scholarly people, and from herself
  6. How does that evidence relate to graphs?
    1. It relates to the graphs because it shows the subjects in each letter, who they were sent too and how many times a certain word was said throughout the letters.
  7. How do they incorporate other sources?
    1. Using quotes from other scholarly people
  8. What are some problems with this article?
    1. Finding the argument was difficult in this article
  9. What can the authors explain better?
    1. The overall argument of the paper, it was hard to pinpoint it because there was a lot of other information, so I was torn between one thing and another.
  10. What can the authors do to make their case stronger?
    1. Probably include more quotes from Carlyle and about home.

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