Article with Graph – Questions

As you read the article answer the following:

  1. What is the argument? What’s the thesis?
  • The whole article is about how Jane Welsh Carlyle writes letters to people and how she uses the word “home” a lot and she felt about her writing. Welsh Carlyle was home when she was writing, not at a physical place.
  • Theses : “Welsh Carlyle engaged in a social world through her complex understanding of what it meant to write and send letters. By dissociating home from a solid, physical place, Welsh Carlyle becomes, in many ways, a vagrant; incessantly present and absent, journeying from one place, one topic, and one recipient, to the next.”
  1. How do the authors use and incorporate graphs?
  • The authors use and incorporate graphs to show what JWC writes in her letters and to whom & where the letters go.
  1. What are some quotes that they use to refer to graphs?
  • “Figure 1 uses..” , “As the figure reveals,” , “Welsh Carlyle’s topic networks, pictured below”
  1. What do these statements have in common?
  • All the phrases refer to a graph that the authors used to show evidence of JWC’s letters.
  1. What other kinds of evidence do they use?
  • The authors use evidence such as quotes from letters written by JWC, graphs and charts that analyze the words that JWC uses in her letters, and a couple quotes from people that knew JWC.
  1. How does that evidence relate to graphs?
  • All the graphs and chart analyze what kind of words that JWC used in her letters, to whom she wrote to most frequently, and what words were related to the word “home” in JWC’s letters.
  1. How do they incorporate other sources
  • They cite other sources in the footnotes at the bottom of the pages.
  1. What are some problems with this article?
  • I believe that there are a few typos in the article. “Her subject and topic networks suggest ta connection between home and departures.” is one example.
  1. What can the authors explain better?
  • The authors could explain better who Jane Welsh Carlyle was and why it’s important that we are reading about her letters.
  1. What can the authors do to make their case stronger?
  • They can clarify who she is and why the article is important. Also, if they used fewer big words it would make the article more enjoyable and easier to read.

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