This site has a data set on how the percentages of GM crops have increased over time in the most popular foods. This site seems very credible, it is the official page for the Center for Food Safety. It has also used data from the USDAs calculations. It will be very useful for my paper by providing some background information on how much GMOs are being consumed every day and the lack of health problems in relation considering how often they are consumed. The data is also up to date and very relevant.

This source has data on GMOs ranging from 2000-2016. It is very reputable, considering it is the United States Department of Agriculture’s official web page. With the data presented I could make multiple types of graphs to prove various things. It shows how the percentages of GM crops have increased over time in multiple states and in the US as a whole. It also provides data on the use of herbicides and pesticides for the same time periods, allowing me to compare the data and see if there is a correlation. It shows me there is not, allowing me to argue against one of the largest arguments for anti-GMO activists.

This site provides data on various subjects related to my topic. It is perhaps the least credible site of the three, but it has sources to back up the facts listed. It also provides many sources that I can get even more data from. It even provides many accredited scientific studies that will be useful to me as well.



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