Annotation 2 and graph critique

Bernstorf, Elaine. “Music, Dance, And The Brain: A Great Combination.” Kodaly Envoy 36.1 (2009): 17-19. Academic Search Complete. Web. 11 Nov. 2016

In “Music, Dance, And The Brain: A Great Combination.” Elaine Berstrof talks about the affect music has on the efficiency and effectiveness of the brain. She primarily uses the research and experience of Nina Kraus to support her argument. She explains and documents Kraus’s credentials as well as a specific experiment Kraus and her colleagues performed which proved that those who are musically educated better perceive and respond to stimuli as opposed to those who have not had thorough music education. She suggests that music can actually mold and change the nervous system to be more perceptive.  This is great evidence to support the importance of music education in children early on to help with mental development.

  1.  The first thing I saw when looking at this graph is the baby crying.  I also noticed the many cramped lines and the black and whit color scheme.
  2. The graph gives me an initial negative feeling mainly because a crying baby is the first thing I saw.  Furthermore the black and white colors don’t help with the negative connotation or distinguishing between the musician and not musician lines.  I do notice however the shadow from the not musicians showing they responded more to the sound.  Making the musician line lighter helped to demonstrate its larger amplitude.
  3. Like- the difference demonstrated in the different lines.  The x and y axis labels and intervals. The box outlining the important area.

Dislike- the lack of labels. The picture of the baby crying. The lack of color.

4.  Three things I would change:

No color- It is over all very difficult to look at because it give a depressing feel.  Adding some color might make it more visually appealing and give off a better mood.

The picture of the baby-  It doesn’t help support the information the graph is representing and it draws the focus away from the important information as well as giving it a negative feel.

Add labels- It is a little difficult to understand what exactly the graph is telling you without reading the article.  Adding labels would make the graph easier to understand and comprehend without going back and forth between the article.





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