ILA 10


2)Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 5.08.40 PM.png

3) I believe that both of the graphics have their own addition to the paper. For the first graphic the color of the graphic is very appealing. Also it shows dark to the lightest symbolizing that the older the people are becoming the higher their chances to be in that dark place of having the Alzheimer disease. However, the legend bothers me a little bit because of font size is fixed and can’t able to increase it. From the first graphic I can easily conclude that as there is more chances to get Alzheimer at age of 75-84 then having Alzheimer at 65. The percentage clearly show the connection between Alzheimer and age. In the second graphic I have changed few things, like the color and the style. The color in the second one represents that as brain gets lighter the memory is fading away from the brain. Basically I’m showing the same thing in graphic one and graphic 2, but the color represent something different in both graphics. While one shows higher in that darker area in terms of sad. While other represents the lighter being that the power of being them self is fading away and memory is fading in the people who have that disease. I like the graphic 2 more just because it represents the true meaning of Alzheimer the brain disease. It affects brain in different way such as having a memory loss, having trouble recognizing the object, and many more.


Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 6.06.54 PM.pngFrom

5) This is a very strong statistic because it shows that many people today in America faces this devastating diseases Alzheimer. I really like the colors that have been used in this infographic. I like the mint and purple color in the background. This shows the importance of the change needed to decrease this number down. I also like how the size of the girl is increasing because it shows that the number of having disease is increasing each day. This graphic is as powerful as others because it conveys the same information as others. However this graphic would be more easy to read than other ones. I like the graphic 2 just because it presents nice analogy that relates to the disease.




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  1. I really like the revised graph because it’s eye catching and makes interpreting the data a lot more interesting! The color choice is great too in that it’s gradual and pleasing at the same time.


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