ILA 10




Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 1.35.10 PM.png

Both graphics show the same data in two very different ways. The first is a map of the underdeveloped countries in the world compared to the countries that grow coffee in the world. The second graphic has two pie charts showing the percentage of the world that is underdeveloped and the percentage of the world that produces coffee. I think the map better represents the data, as it is two lists of countries. It’s interesting to see the regions of the world that fall under coffee producing and developing. The pie chart is quicker and easy to understand, though the map is not necessarily difficult to interpret. The map is the better graphic because it better sums up the data sets. It is also more fun to view and visually appealing.



This graphic show data on how many people in the United States drink coffee, and the types of coffee that is consumed daily. It sums up how large of a percentage of the  population drinks coffee, and what they are drinking. I think it is a fun, easy graphic to look at and understand. Along with the data from the essay, the graphic can help better understand the numbers. The graphic doesn’t have too much information that could be overwhelming and relies and the pictures to convey its information. That is hopefully inviting and easily points out the information that its supposed to get across to readers.


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