ILA 10



Above are two graphs that show the same information. Although how they are presented is different, each graph has its own strengths. The first one is a line graph, which better shows how the model/celebrity BMIs are rapidly decreasing and the two lines are becoming farther apart. The second one is a bar chart of the same data but the way it is presented better shows how large of a difference there actually is in the two BMIs during the same decade. I find the first graph to be better for my essay because it shows the trend of the two BMIs continuing to grow apart.


This graph is more eye-catching than the two above, but does not cover nearly as much data. I don’t think this graph would be helpful in my essay other than to help show why people should care about eating disorders. This graph helps visualize how many people pass away due to eating disorders by giving the percentage of people who die from each type of disorder.


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