Annual Mean Wages of Software Developers

Just as a note, I don’t feel that this directly applies but given our time restraints it was the best I could do. Also, finding an legitimate article for is quite difficult, so what I found was some statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor.


The very first thing that that I noticed about this graph was the colors it used, and how busy it is. Other than those two things, I immediately recognized the that it was a map of the United States. After looking over the map for a few moments, you can tell that it is trying to depict the mean annual income of software developers based on their locations. The purpose of this graph is easily found in the title. The greater the intensity of the color (deeper the blue) the higher the mean annual wages are for that area. I don’t like how cluttered this map is in some areas, ¬†especially up in the north eastern part of the nation. Maybe for a bit more clarity they could have dissected parts of the graph and given more details to that area by zooming in. The only thing I believe that I would change is, that I would give a dissected view of the north eastern area of the US and given it a bit more clarity.


One response to “Annual Mean Wages of Software Developers

  1. Your annotation has all the key components to analyzing this article. I also agree in terms of your graph, that the colors are a bit busy and could use more variety. A dissected view of the northeastern area would defiantly give more clarity as well.


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