Annotation and graph critique

BMJ 2008337 doi: (Published 19 November 2008)

Writing this article, “Risk of suicide after suicide attempt according to coexisting psychiatric disorder,” Dag Tidemalm sought to find the effect, mental and physical, of a person after a suicide attempt. He also tried to find if any sort of mental disabilities led to a higher increase in suicide attempts. It was found that “the highest short term risk was associated with bipolar and unipolar disorder (64% in men, 42% in women) and schizophrenia (56% in men, 54% in women),” showing people if they new someone had these disabilities, they would be at a higher risk for suicide. He claims that even though bipolar and schizophrenia led to the biggest chance of suicide attempt, generally people who had a mental disorder had a high risk. 

I think the graph in this article is partially effective, but I think it could have done things differently to make it a bit better. Instead of looking at the cumulative survival rate from suicide, it should have graphed the higher risk from suicide according to each mental disorder. I would also change the colors of each category so it is a bit easier to understand.



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