Annotation 2: W/ Graph

Del Shannon has written an article about, “Continued Growth Projected for Dams and Hydropower Markets”. In the article it is explained how, “The dams and hydropower markets have experienced significant growth since 2005 and seem poised to continue this trend over the next decade.” Our country is growing quickly, requiring more engineers to make it happen. The increase in growth of the market for dams and hydropower markets is relevant to my topic because that means spreading the use of hydroelectric power will have a positive impact on the economy in many ways. A company called URS Corp. had their revenue increase, “from $13.7 million in 1998 to nearly $120 million in 2010.” By understanding that the increase of use of hydroelectricity has a positive impact on the economy, it emphasizes the need for this industry in as many places as possible so that we can have reliant sources of energy all over the world.


This article included a graph of “Engineering revenues related to dams and hydropower”



  •  green, blue, white color scheme
  • A blue line for the line chart
  • Two differently labeled horizontal arrows
  • y-axis based on $
  • x-axis based on time (years)


  • First Idea of Graph: Money spikes at some point at the end

After further looking at it:

  • Only related to dams and hydropower
  • Since around 2000 engineering wages increased steadily, then at 2005 it rose significantly at a steady rate

3.) I dislike how there are so many intervals for each axis. The intervals could be more spread out making it less cluttered. I do like the simplicity of what the graph is measuring. It is easy to understand what it means.

4.) I would change the intervals of both the x and y axis. There are too many and it clogs the chart. I believe that if I made each axis have fewer points, that the line will still show the data correctly and easily.


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