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The author of my article is unknown, but it was posted to as “The Top Six Unforgettable CyberBullying Cases Ever”. This article contains three cases of cyberbullying that lead to suicide. According to the article, this is not a rare case. The third leading cause of death among young people is suicide. The CDC has predicted that for every suicide that occurs, there are 100 attempts of suicide. The cases in this article have drawn national, and some global, attention. In the case of Ryan Halligan, he was constantly bullied at school then later it spread to online. After many tormenting experiences, Ryan committed suicide. There was no charge against the bullies, however, after his death, the state of Vermont signed a Bully Prevention Law and a Suicide Prevention Law. In another case, an 18-year-old sent nude pictures to her boyfriend. These pictures got out online and she was severely harassed. She eventually committed suicide and after this, another student committed suicide for the same reasons. The parents filed many cases and got the Jessica Logan Act Law, which mentioned cyberbullying and expanded the anti-harassment policies. There are 4 other cases like this that all end with the death of a young child/pre-adult. This article concludes with a note saying to share this page to spread the word about cyberbullying and its weight on the world. This article could be used to support how important it is to take action against cyberbullying.

The visual that this article contains is very simply laid out but does raise a few questions. The title of the visual states “Facts About CyberBullying” then it goes on to list some statistics about suicide. This being said, I am not certain that the statistics are straight statistics for suicide or for suicide due to cyberbullying. There is also one category that states there are “100 attempts in suicide among young people”. The paragraph before this visual lets me know that for every 1 suicide there are 100 attempts but this visual leaves me with questions like: 100 a year? 100 documented? and so for. I think the colors and format are well used in this visual and they even include side pictures to show which category you are reading about.

This is the website for my article:



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  1. Bullying is truly a problem in our society, and it is quite chilling to think that for every suicide there are one-hundred attempts.


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