This Chart is another representation of the exact same date set. However, in this connotation of the reference date from the outcome is different. The message this graph sends about the Ownership of Smart Phones is far less drastic than the chart I used in our last assignment. The simple visual answer behind this is the slope of the charts information due to the X and y axis. On the other hand the highlighted area is much larger and jumps out at its audience to represent the rise in Smart Phone Ownership. It is interesting to see how the same set of number can be represented in such different ways to produce different rhetorical outcomes. Both Charts have the same over all message to show the increase in ownership of Smart Phones in recent years. Although the same data is used the visual outcome is different. I would be very interested to see the response of an audience to these charts.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.47.14 PM.png


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