ILA #5


Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 11.02.44 AM.png

This chart represents the amount of Maryland prisoners in 1999-2009 who found themselves back in correctional facilities after only 3 years of being released.


The data shown in this chart represents that amount of Maryland deaths from 2007-2015 due to overdosing on heroin.

The first chart displays information from the state of Maryland so I decided to stick with that state for my second chart to help correlate the two. I chose these two charts because I believe they are directly related. Often people who find themselves back in prison after being released clearly need more help than just serving jail time. This accurately displays my argument I am trying to convey to people: severe drug abuse is not something that will disappear while being incarcerated. We continuously treat addicts like they are morally corrupt when in actuality we are the ones who need to help them realize there are numerous options for recovery. The war on drugs is a problem all across America, and is one of the top four reasons for our high incarceration rates. If we can provide the necessary treatment and proper education, there is no doubt these rates will decrease as well as save innocent people’s lives.






3 responses to “ILA #5

  1. The type of chart used is really easy to understand. I agree it shows a connection and a need to help drug-abuse during jail-time. I wonder if the rate of incarceration continued to go down and then increased again like the rate of heroin use.


  2. The charts are both great. I would maybe choose a different color for each chart if you are going to put them together but everything else is great. both topics work together very well.


  3. Wow this an awesome post!!! I love the charts you chose. They are very easy to read and understand the information that they are portraying. They are definitely related to each other and are extremely interesting. Good job!!!!!!


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