ILA #5

ILA Screenshot (1).png


The graph above represents data provided by, surveying 4,274 cell phone users in March of 2006. I found this data very surprising because in today’s world a cell phone is used for the tasked mentioned above more than it is used to actually talk on the phone with someone. This chart relates to my last ILA because with the releasing of the first iPhone in 2007 people were not yet exposed to the many different tasks one could do through their phone. What I found interesting was that most people in 2006 did not want their cell phones to be able to carry out the task in the chart above. But with the invention of smartphones, all owners of a smartphone have easy excess to the task through their phone and the information provided by ILA 4 it shows that nearly more than 75% of people own a smart phone throughout the world in the countries sampled, which makes one question why the sudden change of heart? Why now are people only buying phones with the ability to do the tasks they rejected 10 years ago? I believe it is because digital communication and technology have consumed the world, people are addicted to technology and it is getting increasingly worse.

Owns A Smartphone    Use the Internet
Age (18-34) Age (35+) Age (18-34) Age (35+)
United States 92% 65% 99% 85%
Canada 94% 58% 100% 87%
France 85% 35% 98% 66%
Germany 92% 50% 99% 80%
Italy 88% 52% 100% 65%
Poland 75% 25% 98% 56%
Spain 64% 64% 100% 82%



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