Last week, my chart looked at the number of Americans who get X amount of sleep. The percentage of hourly sleep was shown between 1942 and 2013. This week I documented the relationship between age and percentage of people who have sleep-related difficulty due to receiving less than 7 hours of sleep a night. The “difficulty” was measured in ability to concentrate, focus, and perform employed or volunteer work. It is evident that there is a correlation between amount of sleep and productivity during the day. Both charts incorporate age into the comparison either between average amount of sleep or productivity during the day.



(I like my second set of data better.)


ila-4-dataILA 4 DATA


ila-5-dataILA 5 DATA


2 responses to “ILA 5

  1. I like how well you tied these together, I agree that the second one is better, since the first chart is pretty hard to understand


  2. Great work! I like the way you tied these two data sets together and made them relatable. Both data sets look good and I really like your topic.


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