ILA #5

The data set that I chose looks at household computer and internet usage in the United States from 1997 to 2011. This information is useful to my research because I am looking at online shopping, specifically In addition, both data sets come from data in the United States, which helps with my research because I am attempting to compare trends of e-commerce between the United States and in other countries. I would just need to find data to compare the current data sets that I have now to a data set in another country to help fully support my research. The data showed an increase in both computer ownership and internet usage at home as we got closer to present day. For my previous ILA, I chose a data set that looked at the change in Annual sales overtime in terms of e-commerce and total sales. The two data sets correlate with each other because they support the same type of change. E-commerce is transactions and trade through electronics, which is essentially online shopping. In the first ILA chart, it shows that between the years of 2000 and 2014, there has been a noticeable increase in annual sales in terms of e-commerce. The increase could be explained by more people having access to the internet. This idea can be supported by the data set that looks at household computer and internet use. It can essentially be concluded through both data sets that as computer ownership and internet usage increases, there is also an increase in e-commerce and online shopping.


File, Thomas. “Computer and Internet Use in the United States.” U.S. Department of Commerce (1935): n. pag. U.S. Census Bureau., May 2013. Web. 10 Nov. 2016.



4 responses to “ILA #5

  1. The carts are great! Very interesting topic as well. Even as black Friday approaches, it’s neat to think about how cyber Monday has kind of taken over this. The growth of e-shopping is undeniable and you do a great job connecting the two graphs.


  2. Great post! I love how you went and got a completely different data set and compared it with your previous one. I never thought about it, but I would assume that e-commerce and household computer and internet usage would have a slightly strong correlation. As you mentioned, I would predict that as one of these variables increases the other will increase as well. The charts you displayed were nicely created. Great use of contrasting colors to allow the audience to fully see the difference in the two variables you are comparing. I think you have found some really good data that will benefit you when writing your final paper. You should also be able to use the charts above as your visual aspects as well.


  3. Great chart! The line graph does a great job of showing how much sales for electronic shopping have increased over the years. I also think the data in the second chart is represented well!


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