ILA 10


(Original Graph)


I changed my graphed by splitting it into two separate ones so that they were larger and more clear. I also changed the background from black to white so it would pop more. I think that making it larger and more legible will definitely help the reader understand the point better. It will also help to argue my point in the essay. I think the black background also just looked weird in a research essay so I think the white is a much better idea.

I changed the pie graph to a bar graph. however, I don’t think the information works well with that type of graph. I then changed the bar graph to a line graph. It basically does the same thing. However, I think that the bar graph does a better job of making the information more powerful. Overall, both of the graphs are better off with the white background. The original pie chart and bar graph are a better option for my essay.



(New Graph)

For my new graph, I decided to use an icon matrix from Piktochart. I think it really works with the type of information. It shows how many food additives the FDA doesn’t know about. It really puts it into perspective how many unknown additives there are. I also used a white background again so that the information and bright colors would pop. I think it would be a really good rhetorical visualization to use in my paper. It is a different kind of graph. You don’t see it used a lot so it will definitely grab the reader’s attention.


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