ILA 10




My first diagram is a little different from a typical chart.  It is a venn diagram and is very simple.  It is easy to read and is supposed to get the message to the reader across quickly. I chose bright colors to get the reader’s attention. I chose a venn diagram because I wanted to highlight just how many cities the two categories had in common.  It seemed to be the easiest way to get this information across.

For my revised infographic, I chose to do a pie chart.  This is a very common chart so it is very recognizable.  I chose similar bright colors for this revision as well.  It has a clearly labeled key which makes it easier to read.



            Honestly, I don’t like my second graphic.  I thought that my first one was most appropriate for the type of information I am trying to include.  The pie chart doesn’t really work because there is no 100% to compare to.  It also makes it seem like there are three different groups, but really there are two groups and a few items that are shared by both groups.  I gave the revision a try but I decided that my first attempt is much better.


2 responses to “ILA 10

  1. I like your first graphic because it is easy to read and interpret. The colors, like you mentioned, do grab the reader’s attention and will be extremely useful for your paper.


  2. I really like your first graph because it is different and not your typical graph you would see. Even though it is different, I think that it would still be effective in your paper! I would consider using it!


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