ILA 10


(original graph)


(Updated Graph)

Both of the graphics I have created represent the same data, but in very different ways. One is a line graph and one is a bar chart. I personally think that the bar chart has a better design compared to the line graph. The line graph still gets the data and the point across but the font size that I originally chose is very small. This makes it difficult for the reader to see. So, for the new and improved graphic on the data I increased the font size. Also, on the original, the y-axis label is a little confusing. This is because the numbers are averages; however, on the line graph the label just says “percent” and the total from ages 2-19 is less than the 12-19 year-old age group. This technically does not make sense, so on the bar chart I wrote that the data for each age group is an average percentage.

Both graphics draw the reader’s attention to them because they are colorful and interesting. In addition, the graphs add something for the reader to look at to get a better understanding of the data. It is helpful to include the charts, and in my final draft I will most likely be including the bar graph.


(New Visual)

This graphic is an icon matrix. I really like this graphic because I think it is a unique way to get my point across. I am able to help the reader visualize the numbers of people that are in some way overweight compared to those that are of normal weight. I think it will be a strong rhetorical element in my essay. This is because as the reader is reading the essay, just seeing percentages in a factual statement may not be all that meaningful. However, seeing the information presented in a graphic such as this one will really get the point across. The reader will be able to see how much of the population is in some way overweight (overweight, obese, or extremely obese). The icon matrix is a perfect graph to portray what I am trying to convey.



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