Yuyan, Shi, et al. “E-Cigarette Use And Smoking Reduction Or Cessation In The 2010/2011 TUS-CPS Longitudinal Cohort.” BMC Public Health 16.(2016): 1-9. Academic Search Complete. Web. 9 Nov. 2016.

The research report from The Society for the Study of Addiction on the Biochemically verified smoking cessation and vaping beliefs among vape store customers explores the correlation of the use electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and smoking cessation, or difference in verified smoking status among vapor store customers. The study found that E cigarettes had no effect on improved cessation or the ability of users to quit smoking. E cig users did not reduce their cigarette consumption nor have higher rates of quitting than those smokers who did not use E cigarettes in attempts to quit smoking. The data was collected using the survey results found by the U.S Census Bureau where Us adult citizens were interviewed for 4 consecutive months, and then re-interviewed 8 months later for another 4 consecutive months. TUS is a part of the survey funded by the U.S national cancer institute and they provided a representative sample of smokers and non-smokers that the study collected data from. The data was collected form a form of a questionnaire in which participants were identified as past smokers, current smokers, or non-smokers. They were then questioned about their use of e- cigarettes, and past and or current attempts to reduce their consumption or quit smoking. Because the data was collected anonymously, there is no ethical concerns about it. Also, a questionnaire is the only way to collect personal accounts of an individual’s smoking habits, although there is always rooms for human error in memory, and dishonesty in any study

Although “41.3 % of those who had ever used E cigarettes said the reason for use was to help quit smoking”, the use of e cigarettes produced a lower success rate of quitting than those who didn’t. The results of this study lead one to several conclusions. One – e cigarettes have a surprisingly negative effect on quitting rates among smokers. And this inevitably leads me to conclusion two, e cigarettes are evidently not the cause of the decrease in smoking that we have seen across the country because, according to this study, they have no positive effect on the attempt to quit smoking.




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  1. The annotation had a nice conclusion that wrapped the information up at the end, it tied the annotation together. It also had data from the source and showed where the source was from. I would add more evidence like information from the table that is in the article or from the section of “change of cigarette smoking intensity over 12 months”. There is a lot of good evidence in this article.


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