Annotation 1

Ljungman, Lisa, et al. “Impressions That Last: Particularly Negative and Positive Experiences    Reported by Parents Five Years After the End of a Child’s Successful Cancer             Treatment or Death.” Plos ONE 11.6 (2016): 1-18. Academic Search Complete.

“Impressions That Last…” is an article that discusses the emotional highs and lows that parents of children who were diagnosed with cancer experience.  Data was gathered from parents of children who survived cancer as well as from parents who lost their children to cancer.  The article highlights the fact that the survival rates for children diagnosed with cancer has significantly increased which is a high note that everyone can agree on, but that does not necessarily mean that it is any easier for the parents.  Cancer takes a toll on the body no matter what, and the parenting needed to help a child fight through it, as well as the relationship stability that is needed with your spouse, make for an extremely difficult life experience.  The article goes over the emotional experiences of when the child had cancer and the present day, whether that be with the child having survived or passed.  There are challenges during every stage of the process.  Overall this article gives great background on the actual experience of going through a child with cancer and it will greatly help my argument to increase the amount of research and dedication that we give to childhood cancer.



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