Annotation 1

Curry, Allison E., Jessica Hafetz, Michael J. Kallan, Flaura K. Winston, and Dennis R. Durbin. “Prevelance of Teen Driver Errors Leading to Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents.” Science Direct. Elseiver, 2011. Web.

This scientific article explains a variety of different causes for teen car crashes, and the biggest cause happens to be distracted driving. Teen error is the cause for three quarters of these crashes, and it has nothing to do with their surroundings. environmental and vehicle problems were rarely the causes for these crashes. 822 teens were involved in 795 serious motor vehicle accidents representing 335,667teens in 325,291 crashes. (Curry) among the crashes the causes was the teen’s error 79.3% of the time. inadequate surveillance, driving too fast in conditions and and distracted driving account for about half of the crashes. This relates to my essay on texting and driving fatalities among teens because texting and driving is the primary distraction when it comes to distracted driving. It has significantly increased since smartphones have become a more common part of society in recent years.




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  1. The source is clearly identified, and the information is summarized well. This explains how it relates to your argument, and your argument is somewhat identified, but this could use some improvement. It should be explained how this information is useful to your argument.


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