Annotation 1

The article “Sports Medicine: Concussions in Sports”, credited to Roya Saffary, MD, Lawrence S. Chin, MD, FACS, and Robert C. Cantu, MD, begins with informing the reader of the measures that have been taken within the development of football and legally to ensure a safer sport. It continues with statistics taken in a study over three years regarding which sports most head injuries occur, “About 63% of concussions occurred in boys’ football, 10% in wrestling, 6% in boys’ and girls’ soccer”. All sports are mentioned when talking about head injuries but the one that primarily sticks out is football. The authors discuss how even with the advancements in protective gear such as the facemask, “the risk of sports-related head injuries remains high with stronger and faster athletes” and how the addition of the facemask “may paradoxically increase risk taking and result in blows to the head that have higher energy”. The article then continues with procedures people should take if they have suffered a head injury or someone they know has.


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