Social Critique Fight Club
Social Critique of Fight Club 2

Fight Club and Fight Club 2 are two wonderfully written novels by Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club is written in the traditional style of novels with chapter after chapter of rich and articulate text. While Fight Club 2 is written in a graphic novel style with very eloquently drawn images to go along with little text boxes. Both novels do their job of telling this story in unique, good ways but that are very different.

While I may prefer the graphic novel style of Fight Club 2 to the old school/traditional style of Fight Club, Fight Club does do many things right. For instance, in some places it was easier to tell when the author was using the characters to criticize society. This is shown in my first graph, which is about Fight Club, the level of social critique immediately is higher than in the graph that represents the level of social critique in Fight Club 2. Now, there are draw backs to the traditional novel style of Fight Club. It was much harder to stay focused reading Fight Club than Fight Club 2. Yes, there were parts that were easier to understand when the author was displaying social critique in Fight Club. However, the images that were in Fight Club 2 made it easier to determine whether the page deserved more or less social critique. This is shown in my graph of Fight club 2, there are more peaks and troughs in this graph compared to the first graph of Fight Club. Again, I attribute this to the images and them helping me to determine if it was actual social critique or just the author using confusing language.  Another thing shown in my graphs, once the critique became noticeable, it stayed noticeable. While the FC2 graph may have more peaks and troughs, they’re not as deep as the peaks troughs of the FC graph. This is because of the amazing illustration and how it made it easy to find the minutia detail that would give a page a rating the barely differed from the page before. While in FC2, when social critique was apparent, it was very apparent, hence the high peaks, and when social critique wasn’t very apparent, to me it was hard to tell, hence the low troughs.


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  1. It is interesting that people can interpret things so differently. I actually felt that Fight Club 2 was more consistently easy to see the social critique because of the images. Although I do agree that Fight Club was more immediately higher than Fight Club 2 as far as social critique and at times the more wording did make it more obvious.


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