For this assignment we had readings in two different versions of “Fight Club” written by Chuck Palahniuk, one of which being from the text, and the other being a graphic novel. With these two readings we had to pick out each examples of social critique and list them on a scale of 1-10. I defined social critique as the analysis of all social situations and judging them on how critical they are. Both versions of this book had some obvious examples of social critique, however the graphic novel, Fight Club Two, had far more examples consistently throughout the reading. The reason Fight Club Two had so many more examples of social critique throughout the reading was because the medium of this different from the version of Fight Club by the text by being mostly graphics. With the graphics used in Fight Club Two it was easier to see the social critiques of drug and alcohol abuse with the use of Sebastian. Also, it allowed the reader to get a more vivid picture of what the author was trying to portray instead of a regular text; which leaves the reader to picture whatever they believe. Although it was more difficult to see the social critique in the Fight Club, it was noticeable during the end with the example of criticism on religion and masculinity. The graphic novel version, Fight Club Two, also focuses on Sebastian as the Narrator, compared to the text reading where it focuses more on Tyler. Overall the use of two different mediums by Chuck Palahniuk was a good way to show his social critiques.




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