Novel social critique 
Graphic Social CritiqueBoth fight clubs are filled with blatant and hidden social critique. In this assignment I defined social critique as anything that pointed out a social norm or a problem in society.  The biggest thing I noticed between my two graphs is the over all larger rating I gave the graphic compared to the novel. Part of this could be attributed to the different mediums in which the story is told.
The novel took the longest to analyze.  It took more concentration in order to focus on the text and understand some of the underlying themes and meanings.  However it did flow better and my mind focused more on the plot than in the graphic.  This made it easier to keep up with the overall story but not to keep up with the small detailed remarks.  Furthermore in the scheme of the entire story the social critiques appeared to be a smaller portion of the over all story which left them to be underplayed.  This is one reason the overall average rating of the novel was lower.
In contrast, the graphic novel had a larger impact regarding social critique therefore I gave it a higher rating.  The visual medium creates an instant reaction in the viewer.  The colors, shapes, and expressions portray the social criticism to a greater degree.  Furthermore, as opposed to the novel, the graphic can hide many small details in the art that include social critique even though they are not directly a part of the plot. Furthermore the graphic is not limited by words in how often or how much social critique is included.  A novel has to write about the plot while including social critique but the graphic can illustrate social critique while writing about the plot.  Therefore the result is a higher rating in the graphic novel.

One response to “ILA 3

  1. Unlike my graph, this person found the graphic novel to be much more socially critical. I understand the possible reason why though. The text was a confusing read, and the underlying themes and social critique may have been more difficult to uncover. Also, there was a lot of other aspects in the text other than just the social criticism, like you have stated above. The other parts of the story may cloud the overall prevalence of the social criticism. Although I felt differently, I definitely see where you are coming from when you say that the graphics in the graphic novel contained elements of social critique that were, unlike in the novel, not clouded by other elements that a story would include.


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