Fight Club ILA

Fight Club 1 and 2, both written by Chuck Palahniuk, are separated into a novel and a graphic novel. Fight Club 2 is a continuation of Fight Club 1, however it is a graphic novel that has multiple issues. I chose to socially critique Fight Club 1 and Fight Club 2 Issue #1. My interpretation of social critique was how the novel and graphic novel portrayed and mentioned social issues/ controversial topics, and how they critiqued each other.

The different mediums presented in each Fight Club, interpreted the different level of critique I gave for each page. The graphic novel was much easier to critique than Fight Club 1. A graphic novel includes pictures and much fewer text. This made it easier to find what the characters were talking about because you could see their emotions expressed and what was happening around them. The graphic novel has less text so it was easier to read and decide what was important and what was being critiqued. You did not have to read a whole page of text then interpret and determine what was being talked about and what was important like in Fight Club 1. As shown in my graphs, overall, there was a pretty equal distribution in low and high social critique. Although the graphic novel was easier to detect what was being critiqued, there was a higher rate of social critique in Fight Club 1. Looking at my graphs, I did not rate anything more than a 8 in Fight Club 2. In Fight Club 1 I had a 9 for page 28 and a couple of 6 ratings. In Fight Club 2, I only had 1 8 rating, 1 6 rating and the rest lower. Even though there was much more to read for Fight Club 1 and it was harder to critique, it has more information and text that could be interpreted. Instead of just touching on a topic like in the graphic novel, the actual novel had room for much more text and detail. The build up of the different social topics made the social critique rating to rise because there was more information to base the rating off of.

Either of these mediums, the graphic novel or original novel, show a great amount of social critique. Regardless of which one is chosen to be read, it is still possible to rate the social critique. Depending on how you analysis data, either medium will work. Personally, I liked critiquing the graphic novel better because it was easier and had less information to process. It also had pictures to assist in the critique which helped you understand the text a little more. The novel had much more information to interpret which could help others with picking a rating. Either would be a satisfactory way of critiquing a version of Fight Club.


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