ILA #4

Expected New Cancer-Estimated Death Rates in 2016 (copy).png

This dataset shows the expected new cancer diagnosis cases in America in 2016, and then the eventual deaths from those cases. It portrays the spread of different cancers in the US, and visually shows the typical death rate per cancer type. For example, Female breast cancer and prostate cancer are have very high rates of diagnosis with low death rates, respectively. This contrasts with cancers like lung or pancreatic cancers, where the death rates are very high in respect to the diagnosis. This relates to my topic of physician assisted death because the only way to achieve physician assisted death (in the 4 states that it’s legal) is to have a diagnosis of a terminal disease. Depending on the patient, some doctors are more likely to declare a person ‘terminal’ based on the type of cancer that they have, and the likeliness of death after diagnosis.


American Cancer Society. “Common Cancer Types.” National Cancer Institute, 1 Feb. 2016. Web. 03 Nov. 2016.



One response to “ILA #4

  1. This is a very organized chart and present clear and relevant information. I think it is important that the information used relates to your topic to allow practice making visual aids for your research paper.


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