ILA #4


(Educational Attainment,

This chart shows the educational attainment for the age groups 18-24 and 25 years and over.  (There was no information on the 25 and over group for less than HS graduate).  If you look at the totals of each, and then the achievements relating to the totals, the 25 and up group shows the vast difference between how many people there are and how many people have actually gotten degrees.  This could be because there are more people, so it is harder to get all of the people ‘on board,’ but all of those people are the age of professionals, so they should have degrees.

The older age group would have been getting degrees, though, when they were harder to come by and when less women got degrees, so it is important to remember the history when comparing these sets, but the gap between the amount of individuals and the amount of degrees is still startling.


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