ILA #4

percentage-of-kindergarden-students-in-california-that-have-the-required-vaccinesMy research topic is on children vaccinations, so I decided to find a chart that would display how the percentages of children that are receiving all the correct vaccines have differed over the years. My data came from the California Department of Public Health, so I know it is a credible source.  The data is specific to kindergarten students, so it is an appropriate age relevant to my study. When looking at the data you can see this past school year there was a pretty big increase in vaccination rates compared to other years. However, this chart can be a little misleading when you glance at it, because when you focus on the actual number on the y-axis, you see the numbers are spaced out by the hundredths. All in all, vaccination rates fro this past school year are the highest they have been in the past 5 years.


One response to “ILA #4

  1. Great chart! The usage of a line graph really helps show the differences of vaccination rates over the years. You are right, if you just glance at the chart the data can be misleading. It looks like a drastic change has occurred over the past 5 years, but upon closer look the rates only change by hundredths of a number. I agree with you that the California Department of Public Health would be a reliable source to gather this type of information from. I can’t wait to hear the conclusion to your research topic on vaccination rates.


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