Sarah Harkness

English 102

Data Visualization ILA 7


This data from the Federal Trade Commission website depicts the various lawsuits and other cases to protect consumers by “stopping unfair, deceptive or fraudulent” market issues. This includes lawsuits towards companies who make false health claims on their labeling. The data shows that the majority of their efforts is being funneled into health care claims, showing the prevalence of this issue. The FTC is a legitimate and reliable resource, providing information from years ago, up to 2015.

Federal Trade Commission


This data is also from a report from the FTC titled “A Review of Food Marketing to Children and Adolescents: Follow Up Report”, which describes how much money is being put into food and beverage advertising for youth. The official title of the dataset is “Reported Child and Teen Directed Television Expenditures (2009). While 2009 is a few years ago, the data still depicts how much money is being put into advertising junk food and drinks to children.

Federal Trade Commission


This data set comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration site, which is a reliable source that conducted a “2008 Health and Diet Survey: Topline Frequency Report”. The survey reported had 2,584 random adults in the United States. The question that this data reflects is, “About how many of the food labels which use statements like “low fat,” “high fiber” or “cholesterol-free” to describe the amount of certain nutrients, do you believe are accurate? Just about all of them, most of them, only some of them, or almost none of them?” The respondents’ answers reflect confusion in what to believe in regards to product claims and demonstrate that consumers are weary of falling victim to these claims.

Food and Drug Administration



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