Fight Club

“Fight Club,” begins with a guy named Tyler pointing a gun in the narrators mouth. The narrator then goes on to vividly describe the guns and describes Tyler’s very existential view of death and his belief that you never really die when you- die. They belong to a group of extremely radical anarchists, run by Tyler, who want to leave their own mark and history and basically want to see the world go to shit. Our first encounter with their goal is the 10 minutes until the skyscraper rigged with explosives, at the hands of Project Mayhem, explodes. The people of Project Mayhem have little to no concern for their own safety. Standing on a building rigged to explode, coming prepared to die at training camp, and calm driving the wrong direction toward incoming traffic, are all examples of how the group gladly and welcomely stares death in the face with no fear. Project Mayhem seems very similar to our modern-day terrorists and terrorists attacks. They have the same goal, to see the world burn to set what they believe, as well as the same tactics, striking fear and causing death with a lack of concern for their own safety while inflicting as much damage as possible.

Issue #1:      In issue 1, Sebastian is shown to be a pill popping, fatigued, depressed man. His wife is all but completely tired of him and is nostalgic for the the spontaneous, crazy, man she fell in love with. She ends up having an affair but interestingly enough, after he gets in a fight with his neighbor Marla’s passion for her husband is reignited. At the end of the issue a fire burns their house to the ground forcing them to leave through a window leaving their son behind.

Issue #2:      In issue 2, we learned that the cause of this fire was arson, and the boy did not actually die in the fire, but was kidnapped. We then learn the culprit of all this is Tyler, all in the name of getting Sebastian to come to Project Mayhem.

Issue #3:     In issue 3, Sebastian goes to the house of Project Mayhem where some really weird stuff is going on, like killing homeless people with infected needles. Also the weird, aging, 9 year olds plan on helping Marla find her husband. At the end Tyler tells another student that he better get a 3.5 or he will end up getting his contract “voided” obviously meaning he is going to end up like the kid before him in the fire.

Issue #4:     In issue 4, Tyler finally makes it off the porch where for three days he was constantly getting the crap beat out of him. He goes back to his motel to enjoy some time with his wife when Tyler soon comes in. She fights him off however and he leaves. Sebastian goes back to the house where he fights an “old friend” that we met in the first “Fight Club,” Angel Face. Sebastian ends up losing to angel face (who doesn’t have much of an angel face anymore due to his lack of teeth) at the end of the issue.

I enjoyed reading both “Fight Club” and “Fight Club 2” because they are both really intense but I enjoyed reading the second one better. Reading comics is always more entertaining; I felt like I was actually part of the action as opposed to just reading along during the first one. The pictures overall made it a lot easier to understand, and really grasped my attention a lot better as well. I still felt like I was reading a work by the same author, but the medium in which he used for his second was definitely more personal and intense, but did leave out details that the first “Fight Club,” provided. I also found it kind’ve enjoyable to have a sequel with a different medium than the first.



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