Fight CLub

The Fight Club text starts off with Tyler Duncan shoving a pistol into the narrators mouth at the top of this skyscraper. The narrator begins to describe the little holes drilled in the pistol and explains that is a specific way to make the gun silenced as most of the sound that comes from a gun is gas being released. The skyscraper is rigged to blow with specific explosives that Tyler and the narrator know how to make and this processed is described into depth. As the 10 minutes slowly counts down their attention is constantly being directed towards windows below them being shattered while people throw out desks and other pieces of furniture out of the window down to the ground. The narrator then discusses that the newspaper’s front page that day is showing a picture of a dragon that was spray painted on this building between the tenth and fifteenth floors, presumed to be a part of project mayhem. The goal of project mayhem is to become a part of history that no one will forget (like Tyler’s attempt at a suicide bombing of a skyscraper). Towards the end of the chapter the narrator is in a car with a mechanic and space monkeys headed towards on coming traffic as they discuss the things they would like to do before they died. They discuss “which is worse, Hell or nothing” and say that got hates them so nothing could be worse than what is about to happen. As the narrator begins to encourage death and want it to happen, he says “My wish right now is for me to die, i am nothing in this world compared to tyler.” Following these thoughts the car does not actually hit the honking tractor trailer and lands them somewhere out of harms way.

Issue 1: This is the beginning of Flight club 2. Sebastian is dulled down tremendously and is taking pills seeming very depressed. Sebastian is married to Marla and she cant stand this boring version of him and misses the the side of him that she fell in love with. She has been messing with his meds and sleeping with Tyler. Towards the end a fire breaks out and they have to leave out of a window, leaving their son behind.

Issue 2: This issue Reveals that their son is not dead. The body found in the ruins of the fire was planted and is confirmed that it was not him. Tyler kills Sebastian parents and he is the one that planted the body in the fire and took their son. The only way for them to get their son back is for Sebastian to go to project mayhem.

Issue 3: in this issue, Sebastian goes to the project mayhem house and there he confronts Tyler. As Tyler gets on a plane to give a speech, he has a flashback of finding his sone while reading a bible. Tyler then talks to a med school student and tells him he better get good grades or else.

Issue 4: Sebastian makes it through the 3 days waiting on the porch of Mayhem and he goes back to the motel to have sex with his wife. While they are making love Tyler comes out to play and Marla begins to go check different clubs. Sebastian gets into the house and then goes to fight club to fight angel face. This name is ironic because he destroys Sebastian.

I found fight club 2 to be tremendously better. I feel as if i was more engaged while reviewing comic strips rather than the written text. I feel as if the graphics summarized the text so the whole time i had a real good feel as to what was going on. This being said, the written text gave more in depth descriptions about little details of the story which definitely was a bonus, but the coming touched more on the violence and action as comic strips are intended to do.


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