Fight Club

The book by Chuck Papahniuk starts out with Sebastian, Marla, and Tyler are on the top of a 191 story building. All three of them have guns in their mouths, and are planning on killing themselves. Meanwhile, Project Mayhem is blowing up the building that they’re on and are about to blow the hole thing. The story then dives into what Project Mayhem does and how Tyler runs it. Tyler gives them orders like having the members get into a fight and lose.

The comic of Fight Club is after the fact when Sebastian and Marla are married and have a child. Marla hates their marriage and talks to a group of kids with a life threatening disease about how Sebastian use to make her happy, but just takes pills now. Sebastian walks in with flowers because it is their 9 month anniversary. He hears this and walks out. When Sebastian gets home, he does his homework by getting beat up by his neighbor. Then later that night, his son starts a fire in the house and dies.

Obviously reading the comic gives the reader a better idea of what each character looks like. The book can then go more in-depth and explain a park of the story more. I found the comic more enjoyable because Fight Club is about violence and action, and a novel can’t express that as well as a comic.


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